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MS Exchange Hosting Overview

Microsoft Exchange Server has traditionally been used by very large corporations to increase productivity and communications. Small businesses, on the other hand, stand to gain from its use, but have not been able to afford setting it up and maintaining it. It is the dominant product in the market of e-mail and collaboration software.

Because e-mails, files, contacts, and calendars have become crucial to the day-to-day operation of all businesses, the employees today want to be able to access them from anywhere and anytime. Large corporations enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Exchange, but SMBs have neither the infrastructure nor capital to give their employees mobile, secure and reliable communication.

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Our Hosted Exchange service includes outstanding features such as:

Universal Mail Access: Anytime, anywhere access to all of your e-mail folders, files, contacts and calendar via Microsoft Outlook or any browser

Groupware & Collaboration: share any of your e-mail folders, files, contacts and calendar with any co-worker, project team, or within a department

Virus Scanning: Because e-mail is the most common method of spreading viruses, we include scanning of all incoming and outgoing e-mail

Server Backup: When was the last time you backed up all of your crucial e-mail? We backup everything daily.

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BlackBerry Enterprise Server
Good Messaging Server (formerly GoodLink Server)
Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
Message Archiving for compliance, litigation, and auditing
Journaling to support your own Archiving Vendor
Split-Domain Forwarding
Additional Domains
Automatic Disclaimer Footers
Migration Services