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Ideal for SME businesses who require team members who are geographically dispersed to collaborate and share documents, tasks and other information.

Hosted SharePoint 500 MB
Starting at: $17.99/month
100 Users
500MB Storage
Project Collaboration
Document Sharing
Site Builder Pack
SPF 2010
Hosted SharePoint 5GB
Starting at: $37.99/month
500 Users
5GB Storage
Project Collaboration
Document Sharing
Site Builder Pack
SPF 2010

Keeping in mind your business needs, Host Automate offers you a compliant solution with the following specifications:

New Features of SharePoint Foundation 2010.
1. Improved User Interface.
Includes the Microsoft “Ribbon” interface, integration with Microsoft Office, drag and drop capabilities, and enhanced social media capabilities.
2. Document co-authoring. If you have Office 2010 installed on your computer, your users can now work on the same Word or Excel document at the same time. Office 2010 knows when several are editing the same document and automatically syncs all versions. A great new feature for the busy office.
3. Expanded Browser Support. Runs smoothly on Internet Explorer 7 and 8, as well as Firefox 3 or higher and Safari 4 and higher.
4. Sandbox Solution provisioning. Managing solutions runs in it's own development application which isolates it from the working environment.
5. Business Connectivity Connect SharePoint to sources of external data.
6. New graphical mobile view for Blackberry, iPhone and ActiveSync enabled phones.
7. Improved Search. Optimizes search capabilities providing more relevant results and a more interactive search experience.
8. List Enhancements. Improved user experience in the case of large lists.
9. Workflow Enhancements. Improves and expands options to build automated workflows that can accommodate complex business scenarios.
10. Customizable Templates. Upload and use custom/third-party templates.
Other SharePoint Features
1. Sandbox Solutions - You can deploy sandboxed solutions to quickly and more securely solve business problems. Sandboxed solutions are like farm solutions except in the following ways: they are rights-restricted and have a more permissive deployment policy than farm solutions; they are limited to the site collection to which they are deployed; and their server resource usage is monitored against an administrator-controlled quota for the site collection.
2. Business Connectivity Services, is a set of services and features that provide a way to connect SharePoint-based solutions to sources of external data and to define external content types based on that external data.
3. Meeting Workspace - Send notices, invites, alerts, and set up a workspace to hold a meeting, attach documents, and list contacts. Bring your entire team together online, no matter where they are located.
4. Event Calendars - Keep track of all the dates and times of your events in one location. With the shared calendar everyone's availability is up to date. You can also assign permissions and share access to your personal calendar with colleagues. Whether oversees or over the cubicle, you know what's happening and when.
5. Contact Lists - Store all of your team's information in the contact directories. Create directories for business partners, vendors, and other contacts outside the company as well. No more looking all over for a name and number. Manage all your contacts in one central location.
6. Task Managers - Create lists to assign tasks to team members. You can specify priority and due date, and indicate its status and progress. Users can view their individual tasks or view all team members.
7. Surveys - Create and deliver an online survey from SharePoint. Take a poll on anything and everything from where to hold the company picnic to employee satisfaction and morale. Stay informed and connected.
8. Discussion Groups - Create your own forums and discussion groups to share and talk about current issues, ask and answer questions and archive them.
9. Announcements - Keep everyone up to date on the latest company news whether its an employee promotion or regarding the latest financial report. Keep everyone informed of the most critical information they need to get their job done.
10. Accessibility - From any Internet access point in the world.
11. Tools - No new software needed. If you are running Microsoft Office 2007 or Office 2010 and Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Firefox 3 or higher, or Safari 4, you've already got the tools!
12. Security ­ You administer access levels ­ who can read, edit or upload files. Restrict sensitive areas, offer global access to others.